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Common Law Trust

Benefits of Non Reporting Christian Based Trust For Christian Churches, Ministries And Auxiliary Assembly About Our Father’s Business – Part 2

Churches Are Illegal If 501c3 Non Profit Tax Exempt – To truly be a non-reporting tax immune (exempt) Christian body you should be non 501c3. Here is a little bit of Why! Set up properly since the trust is an independent free exercise of the…

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Christian Stewardship Business Trust & Common-Law & Pure Trust Programs

A common law Pure Trust Organization, sometimes called a True Trust or Unincorporated Contractual Organization (UCO), or Unincorporated Business Organization (UBO), Massachusetts trust, business common law trust, gets its existence from fundamental law which pre-dates American legislative statute, and is thereby exempt from regulation by legislative statute. A religious trust is similar to it but they are regulated by statutes.

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